Writing Css with LESS training in chandigarh

Learn how to create dynamic css using less. This course will teach you a whole new way to use css – the power of less. 100% particle and professional training in latest web technologies We will teach you LESS (Leaner CSS) and how it can be used on both the client and the server. This Course CSS with LESS show how to work with variables, mixins, nested rules, and other features to easily create maintainable CSS.

Topics CSS with LESS Training in Chandigarh include: 

  • Learn about LESS and Sass?
  • Using variables in your CSSless-css
  • Implementing nested system
  • Using the built-in functions in LESS & Sass
  • Controlling the CSS output formatting
  • Combining CSS rules with operations
  • Working with reusable & parameterized mixins
  • Exploring parameterized mixins
  • Exploring mixins and pattern matching
  • Defining mixins with arguments
  • Working with functions
  • Using output-style formatting
  • Importing external files

First time Introduction to Writing CSS with LESS Training in Chandigarh Is designed to give you the tools you need to create attractive web experiences, even if you have a limited CSS background. Our CSS training course begins by focusing on the basics of CSS, and transitions into discussing new CSS3 features, including advanced selectors, shadows, and interactivity with transitions, transforms and animations. CSS with LESS course concludes with a discussion of best practices for mobile design with CSS.

Course: Writing CSS with LESS Training in Chandigarh

Duration: 20 – 30 Days Writing CSS with LESS Training in Chandigarh

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Min. Duration 2 Years, Max. Duration 4 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation in any stream.

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