Degree in Animation and VFX in Chandigarh

Degree in Animation and VFX in Chandigarh

This program developments the personality and skills to explore career paths in 3d Animation and Visual Effects. During the training students will be trained to use software’s like Maya, After Effects and Flash.  This postgraduate Degree in animation and VFX offers you the best qualifications and experience which is required to do well in animation industry. During the training students will develop their advanced skills in Digital Photography, Broad Cast Media, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, Sound & Video Editing and much more.

Course Content

Semester 1
  • Development with Traditional & Digital Art
  • Script Writing & Story Board Designing
  • Advanced Digital Art Photography Part 1 & 2
  • Advance Digital Enhancement
  • Enhancement of Editing
  • Practical on Digital Art
Semester 2
  • Introduction & Advancement Of Next-Gen 3D
  • Introduction & Advancement Of 3D Design
  • Next Gen Character Design
  • Introduction Of UV Layouts & Texturing
  • Advance Character Setup & Animation
  • Practical On Character Design, UV Layouts & Texture
Semester 3
  • Advance Animation & VFX
  • Advance Techniques of Texturing & Lighting
  • Production Techniques of Lighting
  • Intro of Dynamics-I
  • Art of Integration-Dynamics II
  • Practical on Character Animation, Dynamics, Texturing & Lighting
Semester 4
  • Advance Rendering
  • Introduction of Compositing
  • 3D Tracking & Match Moving
  • Practical on 3D Tracking, Match Moving & Compositing
  • Final Project


Min. Duration 2 Years, Max. Duration 4 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation in any stream.

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