Game Design Courses in Chandigarh

Game Design Courses in Chandigarh

Diploma in Game Design program concentrate on study linking to practice used in rising media wealthy, interactive, digital content for game design. Diploma in Game Designing course Chandigarh provide students a well-formed skill set by game art,, cinematic, animation, game technicalities, making methodologies, and also inspired writing and storytelling skill. Diploma in Game Design program serves to educate digital artists & designers looking for a career in game design and production.

Module 1 –Pre Production

  • Understanding of Art, Color, light and design
  • Sketching & illustration
  • Storyboarding & Script writing
  • Structure and Form Color & shading method
  • Study of Humans figures
  • Drawing the human figure with
  • Game Design Fundamentals

Game designing concept

  • Game Design basics
  • Board game design
  • Game design challenge
  • Game design ID
  • Game Prototyping
  • Game play testing
  • Game Testing
  • Story Telling

Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Model Sheet & Poster making
  • Digital Painting – BG for User Interface
  • Game interface– paper to Computer
  • User interface development in Photoshop
  • Pixel Arts, Vector illustration , Carton creation
  • Graphics and digital arts

Module 2 –Media Productions

  • 2D Animation using vector
  • Web based animation and games using AC
  • User interface designs
  • 2 D Animation using vector
  • Web based animation and games using AC
  • User interface designs

Digital Media Level 1

Single player Design stage

  • Stage design
  • Principles of Stage designs
  • Mapping a Stage & Techniques of mapping
  • Blocking a Stage
  • Detailing a Stage

Using of Asset

  • Lighting the environments
  • Particles Assets
  • Using of Post effects
  • kismet use for Mission Creation
  • Setting action & triggers

Multi player Design stage

  • Multi player stage ideology
  • COD stage design
  • CS stage design

Digital Media Level 2

3D Game art

  • 3D Character formation
  • Intro to Zbrush
  • Detailing models
  • Unwrapping & Texturing Props, Vehicle, Character
  • UDK Shaders and material.

Using UDK and Finishing a stage

    • Biped & Quadruped Set-up
    • Vehicle Rigging, Facial rigging.
    • First person shooter rigging.
    • Deformers
    • Animation

Course Features

  • Location: Chandigarh
  • Language: English
  • Start Course: Any Time
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