Fashion Designing With CAD

Fashion Designing With CAD

Bigboxx Professionals Academy is the Best Institute Acknowledges Fashion Designing With CAD

Fashion Designing with CAD (Computer-aided design) is a fusion of technology into fashion. Computer and fashion have developed gradually over the decades, due to the change in time, taste and trend. Recent Advances in Technology have given us a wide scope of saving tons of time just with the click of a button. This technology revolution gifted FASHION DESIGNING WITH “CAD” as a new dimension in the industry of fashion designing. Fashion CAD is a computer aided method of Design Making and design-documentation in fashion Designing. The Software of CAD helps in streamlining design processes and allows designers to view designs of clothing virtually on computer with various colors and shapes. Computer-aided design (CAD) programs reduce the demand for manual sketches which consumes more time and satisfy less. CAD technology is making waves in the fashion industry and replacing time consuming manual skills.

Bigboxx Academy best understands the importance of CAD software in today’s Fashion industry to meet the changing needs of the time. Therefore we Focus on all-round skill development of student. Because the essence of fashion designing with CAD is endless so we have came up with the most flawlessly designed modules in our Fashion Designing Course that is Fashion Designing with CAD.

Module-1: Fundamentals of Fashion Designing

  • Variations of Fashion Designing
  • Understanding the fashion cycle
  • Predicting trends
  • Equipment
  • Fabrics and raw material
  • Producing garments
  • Design work

Module-2: CAD Illustration & Pattern Making

  • Vector based color design Illutrations
  • Complex vector design drawing with corel
  • Logo and print designing for cloths
  • Photorealistic design images for print
  • Use of Surrealistic Images for print
  • Creating libraries of designs
  • High-quality drawings from low resolution
  • Image to vector conversion
  • Cloth draping on illustration
  • Portfolio based on project
  • Creative design
  • Virtual fitting made to calculate figures
  • Technical Fashion drawing
  • Fit fabric fashion CAD design
  • Build-in help & ready fashion examples
  • Stylized figure, draping(2D)
  • Patterns/Textures/Prints
  • Inspiration board/ mood board/ design board
  • Template fillers, spec Sheets
  • Fashion designing using flash for Portfolio

Module-3: CAD for Production with 3D Drapping

  • Advanced digital fashion pro
  • Process of starting and running your clothing line
  • Design clothing & fabrics with system
  • Tamplates: jeans, button, trousers, up-shirts
  • Polo’s shorts, ready-wear sportswear & more

Digitized Embroidery

  • Embroidery to graphics
  • Low quality bitmap to high quality
  • Embroidery
  • Auto fabric assistant
  • Batter rubber band
  • Converting embroidery to print graphics


  • 3D virtual prototyping & 2D
  • CAD/CAM pattern & fashion
  • Design basic pattern
  • Drafting & auditing
  • Grading & 3D draping
  • Marker making & fabric matching
  • Live Project

Module-4: Entrepreneurial Understanding with Live Project

In the fourth module of Fashion Designing with CAD, Bigboxx Academy deliberately focuses on helping students in setting up his or her own establishment in a small budget. In order to make Students understand the essentials of entrepreneurship, Bigboxx Academy provides exclusively designed modules that help in building bright career prospect. This module is a product of our detailed research about the indispensable rituals of business.

Besides providing a detailed knowledge of the entrepreneurial understanding, we also bring some live projects for the students to work under the guidance of our Fashion experts. This opportunity of working on live projects is a platform for students to learn expert skills, in order to be industry ready.

  • One month Industrial training or live project
  • Setting up your Business
  • Setting up your business on a small budget
  • Types of business and how to write a business plan
  • Marketing your fashion design business
  • Benevolent idea about finding work in printed material or printed advertisement
  • Using PR to get business
  • Creating a website and networking

Industrial Overview of Fashion Designing with CAD
A career in Fashion Designing means students can work at their own pace and own time. The course of Fashion Designing with CAD develops understanding about different materials and textiles with the help of advance softwares. This knowledge results in equipping students with an extensive technical skills in the era of computers. This technical superiority fosters high-level ethical and professional standards and an awareness of the possibilities offered by existing and new developments in textiles to expand your application areas. Fashion Industry is at its Adolesence at present time, it has a big share of a net worth of Rs 1000 crores in our nation economy and has great potnetial to make a mark on the world stage. According to approximation, the total market in India is calculate to be Rs 20,000 crore. Some recent speculation about the Indian fashion industry makes an expectation of a constant growth doubling the total net worth.

Course Features

  • Location: Chandigarh
  • Language: English
  • Start Course: Any Time
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