Diploma In Animation and VFX

Diploma In Animation and VFX

Bigboxx Professionals Academy is among the top best animation institutes in Chandigarh which inspire students in creating the vision of their imagination and putting life into those imaginary characters. Animation doesn’t only mean moving object it rather means moving an audience. So Bigboxx Professionals Academy focus around teaching students on how to combine those essential technical skills with emerging ideas to affect an audience emotionally and visually. Our 3D Animation Course has been designed to serve the best knowledge in 3D Animation Development. We center ourselves on training students about all aspects of animation, film making with the purpose of giving them some real life exposures. Starting from pre-production to post-production including story boarding, sketching and modeling to character animation, special effects, Sound Forge and final compositing our Animation course takes students through the entire production pipeline. With Bigboxx Professionals Academy immerse yourself into the exciting world of 3D Animation to improve your skills and career opportunities in animation industry

Module 1 – Pre- Production

This module is a complete introduction to the general sequence of events in pre-production. What does it need to bring an imagination into life is nothing but a flawless planning. Pre-production makes the first step towards making that roadmap on which the further production process has to be developed. First module of this 3D Animation Course covers every little thing about Pre-production from fundamentals of Graphic Designing, Layout Designing, Sketching, and Story Boarding to painting.

  • Semantic Introduction to Animation
  • Principle of Design
  • Fundamental of Graphics Design
  • Concept of Still life & Colour theory
  • Layout design & Vector illustration
  • Sketching manual/computerized
  • Story Boarding& Script Writing concepts
  • Creating Textures/Patterns& Backgrounds
  • Digital Painting & Matte Painting

Module 2 – 3D Animation Development

3D Animation Development is an element of adding digital manipulation to the whole set of ideas that are designed in module 1. This covers the entire process from character modelling to rendering techniques. This Course of 3D Animation gets you through the details of 3D Animation Development.

  • Animation Principles
  • Inorganic & Organic Modelling
  • Modeling various objects
  • Modeling Buildings
  • Modeling Interiors & Exteriors
  • 3D Character Design &Modeling
  • Applying Textures & Materials
  • Material Mapping
  • Skinning a Character
  • Object Animation with Timeline
  • Camera Movement with Key frames
  • Rigging Principles
  • Mechanical &Character Rigging
  • Creating Expressions/Moods of character using FacialRigging
  • Dynamics with soft & rigid body mesh
  • Lighting Concepts
  • Understanding the direct, indirect, spot and focus light
  • Accurate Lighting Rigs
  • Ray TracingTechnique
  • Character animations with walk cycles etc.
  • Camera Animations Techniques
  • Particles with fluid effects
  • Rendering techniques with still frames & animations
  • VRay technique in Rendering various passes

Module 3 – Post Production

Post-production is the final stage where students of Animation are taught about combining each and every individual element created so far and bringing them together into one frame.In this stage the final rendering composition and editing is carried out to make it live.

  • Fundamental of Video Editing
  • Colour Correction & Transitions
  • Motion Graphics & Logo Animations
  • Masking &Advanced Colour Keying
  • Creating 3D effects
  • Creating Special Effects in videos, still & animation
  • Camera Tracking Basics
  • Removing Chroma & Grains
  • Rotoscopy& Wire Removal
  • Merging 3D with Live Footage
  • Creating VFX using After Effects Interface
  • Generating advanced particle effect
  • Rendering formats for various passes
  • Editing in FCP Interface
  • Sound editing using Sound Forge.
  • Creating Ad. Films
  • Project

Bigboxx Professionals Academy is among the top best animation institutes in Chandigarh. We have been working on our way to provide the most reliable 3D Animation Course to the students for building up a batter career. Its our prime focus to bring students a platform to work on Projects like Add Commercial, short films, in order to make them industry ready.

We have our very OWN PRODUCTION STUDIO BIG SYSTEMS , where students are taken through the unique set of challenges in Graphics Designing & Responsive Web Designing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation & Visual Effects.

Bigboxx is the world of endless opportunities for students. We have provision for students to work in association with those students who are pursuing BSc or MSc in Multimedia and carrying out 3 weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training. This helps in making students dynamically ready to take the industry by storm.

Industrial Overview & A Wide Spectrum of Career opportunities

  • Designer
  • Audio & Video Specialist
  • Visualizer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Author
  • Web Designer
  • Modeler
  • Texture Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • 2D Animator
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • Compositing Artist
  • Editor, Storyboard Artist
  • Character Animator
  • Effects Artist
  • Multimedia Developer

Course Features

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