Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing in Chandigarh

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing in Chandigarh

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing in Chandigarh is only provided by BigBox Professionals Academy so, If you have passion for fashion then Bigboxx Professionals Academy is a right place for you we work on your creative skills and you will get to express yourself through your designs and creative work. As we all know that Fashion world is all around us thus lot of scope is available for competent candidate and we make you competent. We offer Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing in Chandigarh, student get a proper classroom programme, Regular class tests are conducted to check the performance. For best training in fashion technology courses choose Big Boxx Academy which offers Fashion Designing Programs with Computer aided Designing ,During the course our focus is to provide creative designing and technical professional exposure to the Fashion industry.

Semester 1

  • Development with Traditional & Digital Art
  • Script Writing & Story Board Designing
  • Advanced Digital Art Photography Part 1 & 2
  • Advance Digital Enhancement
  • Enhancement of Editing
  • Practical on Digital Art

Semester 2

  • Introduction & Advancement Of Next-Gen 3D
  • Introduction & Advancement Of 3D Design
  • Next Gen Character Design
  • Introduction Of UV Layouts & Texturing
  • Advance Character Setup & Animation
  • Practical On Character Design, UV Layouts & Texture

Semester 3

  • Construction studies for innovative garments
  • Fashion History
  • Textile Dyeing &printing
  • Fashion presentation
  • Advance Drafting &draping
  • Computer graphics for fashion Designing-i

Semester 4

  • Fashion theory
  • Advance Design Studies
  • Knitwear Design Technology
  • Pattern drafting grading &construction studies
  • Computer Aided fashion designing
  • Industry internship

Semester 5

  • Fashion industry
  • Leather technology
  • Marketing fashion
  • Volume production & quality control
  • Art Appreciation
  • Computer aided fashion designing-ii

Semester 5

  • Fashion merchandising
  • Foreign language(French)
  • International marketing
  • Computer application
  • Survey & project
  • Entrepreneurship

Career opportunities
Fashion Designing offers most exciting career options in designing, marketing, manufacturing, merchandising, and retailing.
Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Hours of Study (Duration)
Classes are held on Monday to Friday, approximately 10 hours per week.

Course Features

  • Location: Chandigarh
  • Language: English
  • Start Course: Any Time
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