Our students or we can say that students trained by our expert team are working in Leading Companies in varied disciplines like Web Designer, Web Developers, SEO Expert, Game Programming, Game Designing, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Graphic Design and Advertising. We keep excellent bond with leading Web Designing, Web Development, Animation, Visual FX and Gaming companies in the country. We provide timely and never-ending support to these companies in recruiting the right candidates. Companies whom we provide the candidates actually recognize the huge quality that we put in to our candidates during training that’s the reason they prefer to hire more candidates from our Academy.

Below are the testimonials of some of the companies who have hired our students.

Pioneer Creative solutions

Saurabh Dhavan


I hired a few students of BigBoxx Professionals Academy in PHP and Web Designing and I am really thankful to them, as the students they trained are one of the best candidates in my company. They are practically skilled and have complete knowledge about the latest trends in IT; they are creative and are very dedicated towards work. Me and my HR is looking forward for the next batch to release so that we can hire some more candidates from their through campus placement.

VM Soft Solutions

Megh Raj


We have Maximium trainees from BigBoxx Professionals Academy, they trained their students really well and our first preference for recruitment is Big Boxx Academy. I am very impressed with the Team of Bigboxx Professionals Academy, all are technical people and understand our requirement very well.