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Android App Development Training in Chandigarh

Android App Development Training in Chandigarh, course is above all designed for programming beginners and experienced programmers who desire to learn how to create applications in Android. Android App Development Training in Chandigarh will give you a new viewpoint on how the Android SDK works and after you finished the course you will be able to make your have Android Apps . You will be able to craft user Interfaces that are engaging and work hassle-free in a range of tablets and phone


Anyone who wants to learn Android should have core java knowledge along with an analytical blend of mind and logic reasoning.Android App Development Training in Chandigarh

What will you learn.

  • You can build and deploy your own Android applications.
  • Learning about how Android applications operate – application lifecycle, configuration files.
  • Working with Android UI – components, layouts, event handling, and screen orientation.
  • Learning about Android custom UI elements and positioning
  • Android services and broadcast receivers
  • Android networking capabilities, including Java Sockets
  • Java XML
  • JSON training
    Master Android SDK
  • Create Android animations
  • Learn Android Media
  • Master Android UI
  • App Publishing
  • Android Data Storage

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